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Talks on Mental Health and well-being

This can be a great way to introduce mental health to your workplace and to gauge interest from and energise key stakeholders.

How other national and international organisations have implemented MHFA

Internationally MHFA has partnered with organisations such as EY, P & G, Deloitte, Allianz, AllCare Pharmacies, Unilever, Western Australia Police Force, British Armed Services, Fire-fighters and Human Services in Canada, Police and Correctional Officers in the U.S. and in some countries developed specialist courses for indigenous or marginalised populations.

Creating bespoke content for your MHFA Course

Sometimes pertinent mental health problems in your workplace may benefit from a tailoring of scenarios to your individual organisation’s needs.

Corporate responsibility and how MHFA can help

MHFA could form part of your organisation’s corporate responsibility commitments by sponsoring courses in the community or supporting the voluntary sector to attend the training.

Measuring the success of your involvement with MHFA

MHFA is a training and research program and so is constantly evaluating content, delivery and engagement in order to maintain a high level of quality assurance. We can help suggest areas you might measure to evaluate effectiveness.

MHFA Ireland Workplace Pledge

Our WORKPLACE PLEDGE is an aspirational statement of intent that supports the real tangible efforts your organisation is making around mental health and well-being in your workplace.  It is an opportunity to show your customers, clients, competitors, employees, shareholders and the public that you are tackling stigma, discrimination and encouraging supportive behaviours in the workplace.